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New Research About Kids’ Changing Perspectives on Digital Privacy

Smarty Pants Introduces New Research at PRIVO Children’s Digital Privacy Summit in LA 

Minors' digital privacy software and services company PRIVO, an FTC approved COPPA Safe Harbor, joined forces with youth research and strategic consulting firm Smarty Pants to keep the current voice and views of kids, tweens and teens front and center, at its first PRIVO Children's Digital Privacy Summit, held in Los Angeles last Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2024. Smarty Pants delivered valuable perspective for digital product and experience developers intent on effectively engaging with youth - as well as important context for executives working across brand development and marketing, privacy/legal, trust and safety and strategy - to better understand kids' perspectives as they embrace the nuances of privacy compliance and "getting privacy and safety right for kids."

With children under age 18 accounting for 22% of the US population and collectively spending more time on digital than analog activities, it’s imperative we create a digital ecosystem that places privacy and safety at the forefront, states Wynne Tyree, Founder and President of Smarty Pants.

Summit attendees learned first-hand about kids’ views on privacy from Smarty Pants’ tween and teen research participants. Learnings reinforce that kids think about and believe they understand (in varying degrees based on their ages, digital literacy, and developmental abilities) how to keep their personal information private and protect themselves online. At the same time, and coming as no surprise to attendees, there was substantial reinforcement from that “age gates” and questions about their age when accessing digital apps and services are simply speed bumps to "work around."

Across disciplines, Summit attendees were especially interested in Smarty Pants' insight that there is an important shift in play and that kids are looking to adults - and to brands - to help them not only feel safe online but to feel good. Smarty Pants has identified six areas of the online experience where kids, tweens and teens say they could use help with (and can envision digital solutions to):

  1. Unspoken Word
  2. Concentric Circles of Communication
  3. Moments of Pause
  4. Safe Spaces
  5. Intergenerational Translation
  6. Information Inspiration

As with all things relating to youth perspectives and views, these six themes break down into actionable insights based on young people’s ages and stages, among other considerations.

We know that companies are increasingly concerned about youth privacy and safety in their digital apps and services," said Denise Tayloe, CEO and Co-Founder, PRIVO. "These new insights will help brands more effectively develop solutions and communicate their value using current, developmentally appropriate language and options - that meet kids where they really are."

For more information and context regarding these six insights/themes and to see the presentation, delivered by Michael Desmarais, VP, Smarty Pants, please see below.

For more information about youth insight research and strategy, please reach out to For more information about privacy and engagement solutions or partnerships focusing on safe and compliant digital engagement with youth, please reach out to

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Video Recording of the Presentation:

About Smarty Pants 
Smarty Pants is a market research and strategic consulting firm that partners with the world’s leading marketers to better understand and connect with their consumers. Since 2005 the company has specialized in the youth and family market, fielding qualitative and quantitative research and guiding corporations on brand opportunities, positioning, and communications. The woman- and minority-owned business has offices across the U.S. and is home to award-winning anthropologists, data scientists, developmental psychologists, and marketing executives who illuminate the business world with brilliant insights, inspiring stories, and ingenious solutions.


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