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On the Internet, nobody knows who’s a kid.


This reality creates serious risk for your company, your executives, and your customers. 


Partner with PRIVO While You Test and Perfect Your Metaverse Initiatives

Every metaverse initiative, project, event, campaign, and trial introduces new risks for minors and increasing liability for your company, your brand– and in some cases even individual executives.

Regardless of the minimum age your company presents for access to your metaverse content and services, challenges associated to the current widespread lack of age awareness online will be compounded as consumer engagement deepens.

Whether you want to let kids in or keep them out, PRIVO has the solutions.


PRIVO is Enabling Metaverse Platforms to be age aware™

Groundbreaking, device level protection to allow or restrict access and Ad serving to underage users


PRIVO’s new patented, age awareTM solutions bundle combines the power of minors’ digital privacy expertise and authority, best-of-breed technology, and concerned parents. Unlike any other identity services company, PRIVO’s latest innovations deliver real-time age awareness – at the device level – to ensure age-appropriate access, content and ad delivery.


The PRIVO iD Platform Drives a Better Digital Strategy 

PRIVO’s platform capabilities are designed to optimize the experience of engaging with kids and their families or blocking certain age groups out when necessary. Expect better outcomes when children are not marginalized online, and they can be truthful.

Smart Age & Role Gate

Your users personalized engagement starts here. PRIVO can identify your users with a combination of age and role-based tools to properly categorize the compliant registration flow and level of parental consent needed. Blocking features are available.
Age Verification

You can embed our verification widget directly into your website, app or game to make age checks a seamless experience within your existing flow. Providing multiple online and offline verification methods.
Account Creation

Kid and adult initiated account creation is available. Offering tiered account creation at the age, role, or feature level.
Family Friendly Single Sign On

The PRIVO iD is an online federated identity aimed for kids, teens and families. Give your users a simplified way to sign into apps, sites, and games, eliminating the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords. 

Verifiable Parental Consent

Just-in-time consent on a sliding scale, providing a framework to provide various methods for identity verification and relationship assurance levels, complying with regulations like COPPA, GDPR and the Children’s Code.
Family Consent Management Portal
Providing a family permission management dashboard where parents can manage consent for their child(ren) in one place for an entire property, specific feature, or activity.

Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

PRIVO’s signature Kids Privacy Assured Program helps companies navigate the online privacy landscape. We can help your company demonstrate the highest level of compliance, due diligence and social responsibility to consumers, and law enforcement agencies, ensuring your company’s existing and proposed online services and platforms are compliant with: COPPA, GDPR (as it relates to minors), the Children’s Code, California’s Age Appropriate Design Code, and other regulations and best practices protecting kids and student privacy.

PRIVO has been an FTC approved COPPA Safe Harbor since 2004, trusted by leading family brands.

Protect your IP

Get ahead of the game and make a plan on how to let minors in or how to keep them out. PRIVO can work with you to:

  • Prepare for appropriate access and blocking BEFORE you design your metaverse experiences.
  • Make parents aware that your company cares about helping them protect their children.
  • Signal to regulators that your company is providing and promoting solutions that proactively protect minors.
  • Implement real-time lookups to prevent unauthorized access without creating friction or drop-off, making age and identity verification easy.
  • Obtain consent from your users and their parents if needed.

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