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Be age aware™ with PRIVO to deliver age-appropriate mobile advertising and analytic insights to your customers.


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Protect Your Business & Customers

Privacy regulations restrict and prohibit profile building, retargeting, and tracking of children in digital advertising. To increase app engagement and boost user acquisition efforts, analytic solutions are needed, but in most cases, are not compliant with privacy regulations protecting minors.

Work with PRIVO to make sure your advertising, analytic platforms and attribution services are compliant with privacy laws protecting children under 18. Advertising, if done the right way, is a benefit to users and content owners. If privacy safe ads can be brought to children, then more free services can be offered to them.


How can PRIVO help?

By plugging into PRIVO’s age aware solutions, PRIVO as a neutral third party, can evaluate and assess your platforms and services. PRIVO can dig in behind the scenes and ensure that your ads are working as they should be and that there is no collection and processing of children’s data taking place that would infringe on regulations or put children and families at risk.

The PRIVO iD Platform Drives a Better Digital Strategy

PRIVO’s platform capabilities are designed to optimize the experience of engaging with kids and their families. Expect better outcomes when children are not marginalized online, and they can be truthful about their age and receive the correct protections to responsibly engage.


Smart Age Gate

PRIVO can identify your users with a combination of age and role-based tools including the use of PRIVO’s Protection Registry Service, a consented opt-in data set, allows parents to associate their children’s age with devices, and online identifiers to help put companies on notice at the gate a child is at their door.


Age Verification Widget

Embed our verification widget directly into your platform to make age and identity checks a seamless experience within your existing flow.



Verifiable Parental Consent

Secure verifiable parental consent for children to safely access ads and premium experiences with their parent’s permission.




Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

PRIVO’s signature Kids Privacy Assured Program helps companies navigate the online privacy landscape. We can help your company demonstrate the highest level of compliance, due diligence and social responsibility to consumers, and law enforcement agencies, ensuring your company’s existing and proposed online services and platforms are compliant with: COPPA, GDPR (as it relates to minors), the Children’s Code, California’s Age Appropriate Design Code, and other regulations and best practices protecting kids and student privacy.

PRIVO has been an FTC approved COPPA Safe Harbor since 2004, trusted by leading family brands. 


Get it right with the fastest growing user segment online!

Learn how PRIVO can help you navigate the digital identity landscape for young audiences and their families.

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