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PRIVO Acquires Rocket21 for Community Engagement

Rocket21 is a community engagement platform specializing in safely connecting youth with world-class resources and experts from leading brands and institutions. The acquisition follows a decade-long business relationship between the two companies, previously engaged as partners.

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Rocket21 – Looking Ahead

A message from the Rocket21 Founding Team

“Dream Big,” we said. “The World Needs You.” “Prepare for Greatness.”

For years, the Rocket21 team focused on our mission to foster big thinking and encourage youth to dream, create and innovate as they explored paths to make their mark on the world. We partnered with world-class companies and leading brands, iconic institutions, gifted educators, and experts at the top of their games to develop competitions, projects, and experiences where kids could explore the power of their ideas while learning real-world perspectives from professionals.

"Engage with Youth,” we said. “Rock Your Brands Where Kids Rock Their Dreams.”

There were design and engineering challenges. There were stages for songwriting, art, poetry, and essays, and competitions to address some of the planet’s most profound threats. There were Nashville recording sessions and Grammy winners. STEAM initiatives with astronauts. Wilderness adventures and international press junkets with wildlife biologists.

There were opportunities to share advice with Presidents, trips to Inaugurations, Eco-Awards Green Carpets, and interviews with legends from all walks of life. There was Carnegie Hall and Broadway. Days spent with professional racing mechanics and drivers.

There were celebrated songwriters, bands, and musicians writing and performing songs alongside students in schools across the country. And so much more. At every turn, our team, our sponsors, and our PROs were moved and inspired by Rocket21 kids.

Now, the tables have turned. It’s time for Rocket21 to explore OUR future. With our new home at PRIVO, we’ll be working with the PRIVO team to re-imagine what comes next while updating our platform and services to provide opportunities for engagement and innovation with a new generation of dreamers and doers.

Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped Rocket21 fly. Our committed investors. Dedicated PROs. Exceptional educators. And forward-thinking brand partners and clients. And most of all, thank you to all the Gen Z youth who shared their talents, hopes, fears, and dreams in Rocket21 communities. We were honored to experience so many unforgettable moments with you – and continue to be inspired by your passion, creativity, skills, and grit.

Keep Dreaming Big. We’ll reconnect after a break to prepare for OUR future.



The Rocket21 Founding Team

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