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Supporting casual, family, and fast-casual dining brands with compliance and privacy tech solutions to support the diverse dining options modern families expect.


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The Leader in Children’s Online Privacy, Identity & Consent Management


Today's restaurant and dining brands are challenged to deliver customer delight across a broad range of ages, tastes, and dining experience expectations.

PRIVO ensures that access, engagement and transactions involving minors are optimized for compliance with applicable minors' privacy regulatory requirements.

Engineered specifically to address minors and their parents online, PRIVO's specialized suite of cloud-based solutions and services cover the entire spectrum of identity and privacy needs for companies whose business objectives involve engaging directly or indirectly with youth under age 18. Just as important, PRIVO solutions preserve a frictionless experience for end users.

PRIVO's age awareTM services and tools protect your brand and optimize your digital outcomes.

PRIVO's COPPA & GDPR compliant all-in-one identity and consent platform enables companies to block or safely and legally engage with kids, tweens and teens, streamlining the connection and permission process with the parent.

Smart Age & Role Gate

Your users personalized engagement starts here. PRIVO can identify your users with a combination of age and role-based tools to properly categorize the compliant registration flow and level of parental consent needed.
Age Verification

Providing multiple online and offline verification methods. Offered stand alone or embedded into PRIVO's identity suite.
Account Creation

Kid and adult initiated account creation is available. Offering tiered account creation at the age, role, or feature level.
Family Friendly Single Sign On

The PRIVO iD is an online federated identity aimed for kids, teens and families. Give your users a simplified way to sign into apps, sites and games, eliminating the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords. 

Verifiable Parental Consent

Just-in-time consent on a sliding scale, providing a framework to provide various methods for identity verification and relationship assurance levels, complying with regulations like COPPA, GDPR and the Children’s Code.
Family Consent Management Portal
Providing a family permission management dashboard where parents can manage consent for their child(ren) in one place for an entire property, specific feature or activity.

Already Verified
PRIVO iD Accounts

Users that already have an existing verified account can login just once with their PRIVO iD, in a convenient and age-appropriate manner, eliminating the need to share personal information like an email or phone number, and having to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Parents can authenticate to PRIVO’s verification widget saving them time & effort from having to verify their identity every time verifiable parental consent is needed, streamlining the consent process and account management.

The PRIVO iD is privacy preserving, presenting a user as a unique identity to each online service prohibiting the ability to correlate accounts across multiple services.


Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

PRIVO’s signature Kids Privacy Assured Program helps companies navigate the online privacy landscape. We can help your company demonstrate the highest level of compliance, due diligence and social responsibility to consumers, parents and law enforcement agencies, ensuring your company’s existing and proposed digital properties are compliant with: COPPA, GDPR (as it relates to minors), the Children’s Code, and other regulations and best practices protecting kids and student privacy.

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