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Age Restricted Content & Products

Prevent unauthorized access to age-restricted digital services, websites, and apps. Verify your user’s age, prevent fraud, and comply with regulators.

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Does your company need to restrict minors’ access to digital activities based on industry requirements or privacy regulations? PRIVO will preserve your customer experience for age appropriate users while ensuring reliable identification and compliant blocking for users under your minimum age.

PRIVO Privacy Tech is your solution.

PRIVO’s Age Verification Solutions

The PRIVO iD Platform offers a suite of identity verification and authentication methods that are COPPA and GDPR compliant. The platform was designed with children’s privacy, data protection and security at its core. PRIVO’s age verification solutions can protect your company from engaging with minors, adding an extra level of assurance.


Age & Identity Verification Widget

Embed the PRIVO verification widget directly into your website, app or game to make age checks a seamless experience within your existing flow.


Online & Offline Verification Methods

Online and offline methods (e.g., credit card, last 4 digital of your social security number, driver's license, print form, phone, etc.) of identity and age verification offered, providing a better conversion rate than just offering credit card verification.


Continued Innovation

As an FTC approved COPPA Safe Harbor, PRIVO is authorized to sanction new identity and consent mechanisms that can be relied upon for COPPA, GDPR and maintaining FERPA compliance.


Easy Implementation

Invoke the PRIVO verification widget with a simple JavaScript API call. The widget can be called from a mobile web browser that runs inside the native app.


Smart Age Gate™

PRIVO’s Protection Registry Service, a consented opt-in data set, allows parents to associate their children’s age with devices, and personal identifiers (e.g., email addresses, cell phone numbers), to help put companies on notice at the gate a child is at their door.


Verifiable Parental Consent

Secure verifiable parental consent for children to safely access content and experiences with their parent’s permission.

Already Verified
PRIVO iD Accounts

Users that already have an existing verified account can authenticate to PRIVO’s verification widget saving them time & effort.





Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

PRIVO’s signature Kids Privacy Assured Program helps companies navigate the online privacy landscape. We can help your company demonstrate the highest level of compliance, due diligence and social responsibility to consumers, parents and law enforcement agencies, ensuring your company’s existing and proposed digital properties are compliant with: COPPA, GDPR (as it relates to minors), the Children’s Code, and other regulations and best practices protecting kids and student privacy.

PRIVO has been an FTC approved COPPA Safe Harbor since 2004, trusted by leading family brands. 

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