Client Testimonies

Children's Cancer Association

Children’s Cancer Association

“The team at PRIVO is thorough, polite, and always professional. Their meticulous approach to their work ensures that our digital platform designed for kids and teens in hospitals is safe and COPPA compliant, without sacrificing any of our core program elements. Receiving the PRIVO stamp of approval is worth the effort, alleviating any potential concerns from our constituents’ parents and hospital staffalike.”


ADK Emotions NY Inc

"Expanding our brand’s digital presence is crucial to our growth strategy in this increasingly digital world where kids are spending more and more time online. It is of upmost importance to expand our presence to as many online platforms as possible, while protecting the safety of our audience, particularly our younger demo under 18. When we first started approaching COPPA and GDPR regulations, we were overwhelmed by the complexity of protecting childrens’ safety online. PRIVO has helped us tackle this process seamlessly and continues to guide us through this ever-changing landscape. With PRIVO, we are confident that we are upholding the highest standard of online compliance practices."


Cricket Media

"PRIVO has proven to be an invaluable partner for us at Cricket Media as we strive to make sure we prioritize the safety of children first across all our collaborative learning products. The PRIVO team is incredibly skilled and exceptionally responsive to our questions or concerns in regards to both COPPA and GDPR compliance. Their detailed compliance reviews and reports clearly outline actionable steps required to achieve compliance so that we are always confident in the safety and security of our products. Thank you PRIVO for demonstrating excellence in your field- you are the best of the best!"


Playtestcloud GmbH

"As a mobile games user research company, becoming COPPA compliant was essential to our business. With PRIVO the process was detailed and stringent. It was good to know the PRIVO team covered all areas of our business. Conducting usability studies with children has become a key part of our business, and PRIVO provided the support for us to do this."


Lyto Datarindo Fortuna

"PRIVO has been an excellent partner for us at LYTO. We trust PRIVO to help us ensure that one of the apps  we publish is in accordance to COPPA standards. We have been relying on PRIVO’s experience to achieve it. PRIVO provides a lot of useful advice to help us achieve COPPA standards. We already put our trust to PRIVO for any privacy compliance issue."



"We're very pleased to recommend PRIVO as our COPPA compliancy partner. They have been exceeding by far our expectations while we worked with them on a range of mobile city-builder games featuring some of the most world-known IPs such as Garfield, Peanuts, Goosebumps, Wonder Park or our latest title together with the Addams Family. They are very professional and always pro-actively insuring that our games will protect the privacy of younger players so that they can enjoy a fun and safe experience and we are thankful to them for this."


SVP/Partner, C+R Research

"As the laws surrounding children's online privacy and safety continued to evolve, it became clear to us that we needed help to ensure we were keeping pace. Since its inception, KidzEyes has taken all necessary steps to stay compliant on behalf of both our members and our organization. After completing extensive due diligence, we decided to partner with PRIVO. Their expertise in COPPA and children's online safety was and continues to be unequalled. Our investment in this partnership has been one of the best decisions we've made on behalf of our "Kidz".

The PRIVO team is nothing short of spectacular. Their flexibility and willingness to learn and understand our workflow has allowed them to customize a program that fits the needs of KidzEyes. In a day and age when client service is an afterthought, PRIVO embodies true partnership. Their team feel like part of our own staff and allow us to tap into a seemingly endless amount of knowledge and advice whenever we need it. They stay on the forefront of COPPA and privacy news and keep us abreast of anything that may impact our business. This allows us to focus on our own objectives with the confidence that we're maintaining the highest level of compliance and safety in the industry."



"COPPA compliance is core to our mission of delivering a family e-wallet. PRIVO is a trusted voice providing independent third-party verification which is essential to our white-label clientele. As we move into the European market, we have found PRIVO to be a thought-leader and essential resource for us when it comes to GDPR. It is truly a pleasure to work with a team that advocates for the protection of children in capitols across the globe."


Rocket 21

"Our work at Rocket21 connects youth with experts and luminaries from hundreds of fields. For more than a decade, PRIVO has been a trusted partner and collaborator in protecting our communities. Their technical solutions help ensure that our engagement with children is safe and compliant, while their thought leadership advances our planning to address the ever-changing landscape for managing kids' digital identities."


Beano (D.C.Thomson & Co., Ltd.)
Head of Data & Analytics.

We’re proud to be a member of PRIVO’s GDPRkids™ privacy assured program and one of the first kids platforms awarded their prestigious trustmark; it’s hugely important to us as a kids entertainment destination to reassure parents of our safety credentials.


Marco Polo

"It has been a great pleasure to work with PRIVO. As a children’s learning media company, the privacy of our users and the safety of their data, is our highest priority and PRIVO have time and time again proven to be an excellent partner to work with. We can always count on them for excellent advice and a positive can-do attitude.


Director of Products

"PRIVO conducted a privacy review of PBS KIDS. The review was thorough and findings were both easy for our team to understand and useful. Their team is skilled at translating complex privacy regulations into language our digital product team comprehends, and their ongoing consultancy has been quick to respond as questions from our team regarding children’s online privacy have come up.”


Outfit 7

“We really enjoy working with PRIVO, as their team is not only professional but they strive to understand our products and help us ensure regulatory compliance and business effectiveness at the same time. They are very responsive and always provide valuable advice. With PRIVO, we have been able to find solutions that not only ensure regulatory safety but help us grow our business at the same time.”


Professor Garfield
V.P. of Marketing

“As a family brand, we have to be certain that we’re keeping children safe as they enjoy Garfield’s crazy antics. We have been relying on PRIVO’s wisdom and experience in this industry for over a decade. I wouldn’t work with anyone else.”


Innovative Partnerships Program Office, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

"In my role as Project Manager for NASA's Optimus Prime Video Spinoff Contest, I have utilized PRIVO since 2009 to ensure that NASA is in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), when interacting with children under the age of 13. The expert consultation provided by PRIVO, along with their ability to provide third-party party hosted identity verification and consent services, is an unequivocally critical resource required to stand up this national contest each year."


Elf on The Shelf
Director of Digital Marketing

"PRIVO has been an excellent partner for us at CCA&B, The Elf on the Shelf.  At The Elf on the Shelf, at our core we are a family-oriented brand, and  we take the responsibility of protecting children very seriously, and PRIVO has been a trusted partner for us as we ensure that every web and app experience we produce is in accordance to COPPA standards. I have found the folks at PRIVO to be highly communicative and engaged – I can always count on them to give me solid advice on the issues that matter the most to us."


Client Services Director

"With the ever increasing demands of producing a high tech and feature rich kids online product comes the growing uncertainty of what you can and can’t do in terms of reaching/acquiring and marketing to kids. PRIVO ensures that no matter the complexity of the product, it is a safe environment for kids and adheres to the complex rules of COPPA. The team work with PRIVO to offer safe options to often complex problems, whilst trying to reach the companies business objectives.

Having PRIVO safe harbor seal not only helps us shape the product offering but offers a ‘stamp of approval’ for parents. I know as a parent it is the first thing I look for when my children want to play online."


Founder, CEO

"As a digital platform for children, it is critical to us and to our community that we follow the guidelines and rules that are set forth to protect children’s online privacy and security. We rely on the expert advice, guidance and then oversight of PRIVO to make sure we are compliant with the latest rules and regulations. The PRIVO seal is the best way to provide that assurance to Parents and Educators."