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PRIVO can help your organization comply with both the California and UK Age-Appropriate Design Codes.

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What is the UK Children's Code?

The Children’s Code (or the Age Appropriate Design Code to give its formal title) contains 15 standards that online services such as apps, online games, and web and social media sites, need to follow. This ensures they are complying with the their obligations under data protection law to protect children’s data online. It came into force on September 2, 2020.  The code applies to UK-based companies and non-UK companies who process the personal data of UK children.

What is the California Children's Code?

California has passed the bill for its Age-Appropriate Design Code Act (AADCA). Modeled on the UK’s Children ‘s Code it requires privacy by design in all online services for children or that attract a large child audience, children being users under 18 years old. Sites, apps, platforms, metaverses and connected devices will all need to comply by July 1, 2024This may sound a long time off but actually it is a relatively short window in terms of the fundamental changes some services will need to make to comply or face significant fines of up to $7,500 per affected child. It will be enforced by the state attorney general.

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Benefits of Working with PRIVO


Being in the trenches as a FTC approved COPPA Safe Harbor since 2004, PRIVO has a solid history helping hundreds of brands comply with COPPA, the GDPR and the numerous student digital privacy regulations.   

  • Work with top privacy, youth and media experts
  • Understand privacy risks and your compliance obligations
  • Discover solutions and ensure there are no lost opportunities to engage children 
  • Integrate PRIVO's age verification and consent solutions
  • Equip your team with tools and training
  • Protect your brand with licensing & partner support

PRIVO’s Kid's Privacy Assured Program

PRIVO will support your organization to navigate the complex challenges of both the California and UK Children's Code.

Work alongside our experts to ensure your services are compliant
while meeting your business or organizational needs.



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