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JANUARY 24, 2024
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST
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The New Mart Building,
127 E. 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA
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*Eligible for CLE credits 


Ensuring You and Your Company are Prepared for the Age Aware Internet

PRIVO presents the Children's Digital Privacy Summit to be held during Data Privacy Week. In response to global efforts to better protect children and teens online, privacy professionals and industry leaders will discuss proposed and existing state and federal regulations, including California’s new Age-Appropriate Design Code Act. The growing number of regulations that protect children bring increased risks and liability for companies and their executives. The event will offer best practices and sessions on how companies can comply with regulatory requirements while meeting business goals, if their online services, connected products and/or experiences attract or are likely to attract children and teens.

Participants will have the option to submit questions in advance to address relevant challenges in the children’s space today and tomorrow.

**For attorneys attending, the event is eligible for CLE credits.

Topics covered: 

  • Current state of privacy regulations covering children (U18)
  • New US state regulations requiring age verification and parental consent
  • Privacy and safety by design principles 
  • Compliant advertising and monetization strategies
  • Age assurance & verification 
  • Minors' digital identity
  • Informed & delegated consent 
  • Latest market research
  • Artificial intelligence, phygital, and immersive experiences.

Who should attend:  

Digital minded executives and professionals.

It will be particularly relevant for gaming, social media and entertainment companies, metaverse platforms and brands with metaverse activations, ad networks, digital agencies, and companies with websites, apps and connected devices collecting and processing children’s data. 

  • CEOs & Presidents 
  • Legal Counsel & Safety Policy Directors 
  • Company Executives
  • Marketing & Sales Professionals
  • Product Managers
  • Creative Directors and Creative Teams
  • Producers & Developers
  • Anyone doing business that may be impacted by the processing of child data.   


Founder, CEO
Identity Praxis, Inc.
Andra Dallas
Head of Legal Marketing, NA & Senior Counsel
Michael Desmarais
Vice President
Smarty Pants
Martyn Farrows
Martyn Farrow
Soap Box Labs
Josh Freeney
Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy
Grand Rapids Public Museum
Leigh Freund B
President & CEO
Network Advertising Initiative (NAI)
iris ichishita
Entertainment Producer, Co-Founder & CEO
Abran Maldonado
AI Prompt Engineer / Digital Human Designer, Ambassador, OpenAI Director
5G Edtech - NYC Media Lab
Maureen Mauk
Toekenz Advisor; Senior Standards & Practices Analyst- Content & Research at Crunchyroll; and Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Digital Literacies, York University
Anna Morgan
Anna Morgan
Partner, Head of Privacy & Data Protection (former Deputy Commissioner Irish DPC)
Bird & Bird (Ireland) LLP
Michael Murray
Michael Murray
Head of Regulatory Policy
David Patariu
David Patariu
Attorney and Privacy Law Specialist
Claire Quinn
Chief Privacy Officer, CIPP/e, & Head of Kids Privacy Assured
Nichole Rocha
Head of US Affairs
5Rights Foundation
Celeste Rollason
Senior Child Privacy Expert
Denise Tayloe-1
Co-Founder & CEO
Jason Williams
Kidoz Inc.

Times shown are in PST
*The agenda is subject to change.


  • Denise Tayloe, CEO & C0-Founder, PRIVO 


Today more than ever before there is a much-needed focus on privacy protections for children and teens online. Public awareness of online harms and evidence of the exploitation of children’s data has led to an unprecedented number of new and proposed regulations at US federal and state level, in Europe and globally. What does this mean in practice for companies and privacy professionals navigating the complex landscape of regulatory requirements and aligning the different demands while providing children with valuable experiences? What lessons can we learn from past enforcement actions and what should we expect in the coming months? This session brings together leading privacy professionals to discuss and shed light on this increasingly important topic.


  • Claire Quinn, Chief Privacy Officer,  CIPP/E, PRIVO (moderator)

  • Anna Morgan, Partner, Head of Privacy & Data Protection, Bird & Bird (Ireland) LLP, (former Deputy Commissioner Irish DPC

  • Michael Murray, Head of Regulatory Policy, ICO 

  • Nichole Rocha, Head of US Affairs, 5Rights Foundation

  • David Patariu, Associate, Venable

Coffee break

Session details coming soon...

In this Lightning Talk, hear from digital content experts about applying future-tech--web3, blockchain, crypto, AI--to children and families with an emphasis on corporate responsibility, compliance, data collection, and parental controls.
  • Iris Ichishita, Entertainment Producer, Co-Founder & CEO, Toekenz

  • Maureen Mauk, PHD, Toekenz Advisor; Senior Standards & Practices Analyst- Content & Research at Crunchyroll; and Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for Digital Literacies, York University
Sponsored by Smarty Pants

Children deserve to access the latest and greatest experiences online not least for educational purposes. While AI and immersive experiences have huge potential for the next generation, they also bring a risk of harms to younger users and challenges for organizations and privacy professionals. This session will look at the possibilities versus the pitfalls and discuss how to build a privacy-enhanced experience and manage children’s engagement safely.


  • Abran Maldonado, AI Prompt Engineer / Digital Human Designer, OpenAI Ambassador, Director at 5G Edtech - NYC Media Lab
  • Josh Freeney, Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy at the Grand Rapids Public Museum and Founder, CTO, and Technology Lead of Casualware

As adults, we have a clear understanding of and vision for keeping kids safe and secure online. But what do kids themselves worry about? How do they see digital privacy, safety and security – and what do they want it to look like? Join Michael to hear from kids themselves on all things safe, sound and secure when it comes to their screen-based activities – and get a new take on how to keep them happy and healthy while online.


  • Michael Desmarais, Vice President, Smarty Pants
Session details coming soon...

Building a product for teens means creating a perfect recipe (and making sure they like it!).  Grab the best minds in product engineering, content design and marketing.  Add in the right legal and regulatory stakeholders, privacy professionals and outside counsel, and be up to date on state and federal rules.  Voila!  Here is a first-hand look at the process, the bumps in the road, and finally, the launch!


  • Andra Dallas, Head of Legal Marketing, NA & Senior Counsel, PayPal

This session will look at how to provide children and teens with privacy protected experiences and at the same time meet business needs. Free to use experiences are key if children are to have equal opportunities online but organizations and companies must fund the services they build. The challenges of monetization are many in the children’s space. Many platforms and services have failed to get the balance right between providing valuable services and protecting personal data. This session looks at the pitfalls, the possibilities and use cases that show two very different approaches to succeeding.


  • Leigh Freund, President & CEO of Network Advertising Initiative (NAI)

  • Luke Pello, Rego

  • Claire Quinn, Chief Privacy Officer,  CIPP/E, PRIVO (moderator)

  • Celeste Rollason, Senior Child Privacy Expert, PRIVO

  • Jason Williams, CEO, Kidoz Inc.

Conference’s learnings and takeaways followed by a special announcement.

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The summit will be held in the New Mart Building, downtown LA’s premiere event venue with cutting-edge showrooms and meeting space. 127 E 9th Street, Los Angeles.



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