Privacy Information for Kids

When did we post this policy?  March 26th, 2021


So what is PRIVO?

If our name reminds you of the word privacy you would be right.

PRIVO helps the apps and websites you like and want to use understand your age and makes sure your parent gives their permission for you to use them. If you think that’s not important, think again.

You don’t want to find yourself in a game with a bunch of old people or in some kind of danger. You also wouldn’t want that game to be collecting lots of your information without you knowing it and sharing it with others, would you? We think not because you are smarter than that!


To help protect you, we’ve built the PRIVO iD.

So what is it you ask?

Well in short it is a tool to help you and your family look after your privacy and safety online when you are playing games, downloading, and using apps or visiting websites. There are a few laws that help to protect children too.

PRIVO makes sure that the websites and apps that work with us and that you use, are not breaking these laws.

Your PiD (PRIVO iD)

What do I do with this PiD, we hear you say? Well, it’s your personal, privacy protected login. You need to keep it safe and use it to login to approved websites and apps you like.


So do you have my personal info PRIVO?

Not much of it, no. We only collect what we need to give you your PiD and connect with your parent when you need to.

This is:

• Your first name
• Your date of birth
• Your username
• A password

Sometimes we might ask:

• If you are a girl or boy
• Your grade
• Your display name
• Your email address, if you have one
• Your parent’s email address so we can get their permission for you to use the website or app if it is needed.


Do I have rights to my personal information?

Absolutely, you have rights just the same as adults.

1. Right to be informed
Companies must tell you what information they collect from you and why. This allows you or your parent to make the appropriate choice.
2. Right of Access
You have the right to know how your personal information is being used. If it shared with another company and how it is kept safe.
3. Right to Rectification
This means that you have the right to correct your personal information if something wrong.
4. Right to Erasure
This allows you to request that a company deletes all information they have about you and really forgets who you are.
5. Right to Restrict Processing
You are in control and you might agree to your personal information being used for one thing but not for another.
6. Right to Data Portability
You can ask for your personal information to be sent to another service if you want to use that instead.
7. Right to Object
You can request that a company stops processing your personal information at any time. You can always just say no.

You and your parents can ask to see the information we have collected and action your rights at any time by contacting us here:

Do you keep my info safe?

We do our best to make sure we use all the right tools and measures to keep your information as safe as possible.


So where are you?

We have teams in the United States and the UK. You can contact us here:

Privacy Vaults Online, Inc., d/b/a PRIVO
17949 Main St., #1025
Dumfries, VA 22026
703–569–0504 (telephone)
8665888452 (fax within the US)
7035318424 (fax outside of the US) (email)
Attn: Privacy Officer

PRIVO Verified Ltd
Office Room No 3.
South Street