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5 Reasons to Attend the Children’s Digital Privacy Summit

In addition to networking in person with industry experts, peers, digital minded executives and professionals in one of LA’s new premier event venues, we have highlighted our top 5 reasons for attending the Children’s Digital Privacy Summit 2024 in Los Angeles January 24.

1. Get up to speed on current, new, and proposed regulations: What they mean, when and how to comply. Public awareness of online harms and evidence of the exploitation of children’s data has led to an unprecedented number of new and proposed regulations at US federal and state level, in Europe and globally. Leading privacy professionals will discuss and shed light on this increasingly important topic. Learn what these regulations mean in practice for companies and privacy professionals navigating the complex landscape of regulatory requirements and aligning the different demands while providing children with valuable experiences. Speakers will dive into lessons learned from past enforcement actions and what to expect in the coming months and year ahead.

2. Learn about compliant business models and controls that apply to reducing brand risk whether you are engaging with or needing to block minors. The Summit will look at how to provide children and teens with privacy protected experiences and at the same time meet business needs. Free to use experiences are key if children are to have equal opportunities online but organizations and companies must fund the services they build. The challenges of monetization are many in the children’s space. Countless platforms and services have failed to get the balance right between providing valuable services and protecting personal data. Industry experts will discuss the pitfalls, the possibilities and use cases that show two very different approaches to succeeding.

3. Explore approaches and innovations in addressing minors’ digital identity, age verification, informed consent
and why context matters in an age aware online ecosystem. Children and teens are everywhere online. Companies need to be prepared to compliantly let them in or keep them out. Sessions at the Summit will dive into why age and context matters and explore numerous age verification techniques and how to get consent right.

4. Gain actionable market and industry insights exploring artificial intelligence and frameworks for responsible innovation in technology to promote positive outcomes for children. Panels and lighting talks will present the latest on market research and the huge potential and risks of artificial intelligence, immersive, and phygital experiences for the next generation. We will discuss frameworks on how to build responsible and privacy enhanced experiences and manage children’s engagement safely to promote positive well-being outcomes.

5. Obtain continuing legal education (CLE) credits. For attorneys attending, CLE credits can be earned for sessions attended and will be facilitated through our continuing education partner, SheppardMullin.

We hope you can join us. Learn more about the event by visiting our event page here.  

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