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Michael Preston of Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop to Keynote PRIVO’s Children’s Digital Privacy Summit

Featuring Keynote and Panel Discussion, “Building a Positive Digital World for Kids – Together”

Privacy Vaults Online (PRIVO) will host the Children’s Digital Privacy Summit, in Los Angeles on January 24, during Data Privacy Week. Michael Preston, Executive Director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Street Workshop, will offer keynote remarks. Privacy and policy experts from the LEGO Group, 5Rights Foundation and law firms including Bird & Bird, SheppardMullin, and Venable will also provide guidance on compliance.

In response to global demands to better protect children and teens online, this one-day event brings together an international audience of privacy professionals, policymakers, technologists, academia, and other industry leaders representing the entertainment, social media, gaming, edtech, innovative technology, marketing, and research sectors. The Summit will discuss proposed state and federal regulations to better protect children online.

"Our Summit comes at a time when a tsunami of new and updated online privacy and safety regulations protecting children are at play," said PRIVO CEO, Denise G. Tayloe. “A growing number of regulations are being proposed, passed and fiercely fought at unprecedented levels bringing increased complexity, risks and liability for companies and their executives.”

The event will feature over 20 industry expert speakers who will share best practices and insights on how companies can comply with regulatory requirements while still achieving their business goals, especially if online services, connected products, or experiences attract children and teens.

Michael Preston is a pioneering thought leader on the convergence of innovative technology, media, and children’s learning. He will address the need to foster responsible innovation in technology in order to build a positive digital world for kids. “Generally, digital technologies aren’t made with kids in mind, but they are often early adopters who find creative ways to use new tech. At the Cooney Center, we regularly ask ourselves, ‘How can we collaborate better with the innovation community to involve kids at the beginning of the process?’” says Preston. He will discuss how the Joan Ganz Cooney Center has joined forces with the LEGO Group and UNICEF in the Responsible Innovation and Technology for Children (RITEC) project to explore how businesses and policymakers can create a world that prioritizes children’s well-being.

After Preston’s keynote, he will lead a session with Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov (Sr. Corporate Counsel, digital games, metaverse and child safety, the LEGO Group), Sarah Jacobstein (Project Manager, Responsible Innovation in Technology for Children (RITEC)) at The Joan Ganz Cooney Center), and Stephanie Reich (Professor of Education, University of California, Irvine) providing details to the Summit attendees on how we can design better digital experiences leveraging the RITEC concept of designing for children’s well-being.

In addition, research and strategic consulting firm, Smarty Pants, specialists in the youth and family market, will present "Can We Speak in Private? What Digital Privacy Means to Kids." The session will offer valuable insights from kids themselves on all things safe, sound, and secure when it comes to their screen-based activities.

The summit will cover other pressing topics that impact minors, including AI, age assurance/verification, the challenges faced by new state laws, and the controversies they spark. The PRIVO Summit will explore compliance intricacies, business hurdles, and ethical considerations in this rapidly evolving digital landscape. Moreover, the summit will address legal risks related to vendor relationships and the use of third-party web tracking tools and share valuable insights into mitigation strategies designed to proactively navigate those risks.

For attorneys attending, the event is eligible for CLE credits, administered by SheppardMullin, the Summit’s Continuing Education Partner. To register for the Children’s Digital Privacy Summit or learn more about the event, visit:

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