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#FLASH BACK FRIDAY, Burton Group Catalyst, The First Identity Oracle

We just came across this blog post from 2007. Not much has changed besides the technology in which we deliver it. Bob Blakely, quoted in the post, is now the Director of Security Innovation at Citigroup.


June 30, 2007

Bob Blakely, formerly of IBM and now of Burton Group, has for years been talking of the "identity oracle". This was an enterprise that would vet for other enterprises the validity of an identity without actually giving away identity information. This year, at Catalyst, the first identity oracle appeared!

PRIVO is a company that as their website describes "Privacy Vaults Online, Inc., d/b/a PRIVO has created a proprietary technology platform that enables participating companies to initiate and manage responsible relationships with their online consumers through an identity and permission management platform. The platform, the PRIVO-Lock system, allows consumers, or registrants, to maintain control of their personally identifiable information, edit its content, and extend this privacy protection to their children while providing companies with a legally compliant "opt-in" marketing database for communicating with their customers."

In my own words, it is, in essence, an insurance mechanism for enterprises who want to deal online with kids that the kids and their parents consent to the relationship.

In greater detail here is what Privo does (taken from their website):
The PRIVO-Lock system is a secure, third-party Kid registration and Parental consent service for companies who attract kids to their websites.

PRIVO-Lock offers:

  • Control – Parents have the ability to manage their child's online identity and control their child's website and feature access. Kids can request additional permissions simply and quickly so he/she can access additional interactive features or websites with little interruption for parental consent.
  • Choice – A variety of parental consent verification methods simplifies the ability for parents to complete the registration and permissioning process.
  • Time – Privo Parents are enabled for "next time" ease in registration and consent when kids request permission at other PRIVO-Lock enabled websites, eliminating redundancy in the registration process.
  • Ease of Use - Parents and Kids create a sign on name and password that enables interaction at all PrivoLock enabled websites.
  • Customization PRIVO can proactively contact Parents to suggest pre-authorization at new websites that meet their kids' or their own personal interests.


As Bob said, he was crushed that the founder or PRIVO, Denise Tayloe, hadn't hear his presentations in years gone by and decided to create the identity oracle. Regardless, he was very pleased that she had gone ahead and paved the way.

Congratulations Denise!




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