Service Providers

Last updated December 22, 2021

PRIVO works with the following service providers for the sole purpose of supporting the operation of our Site and for the services offered through the PRIVO ID Platform. More information on the use of these service providers can be found in our privacy notices here: privacy policy and here: PRIVO iD privacy policy. If you would like more information on how we work with these providers please contact us at

Service Providers



Cloud Computing Services used to securely store end user data.


Identity verification – used to verify identity by checking driving license number or last four digits of SSN in conjunction with name and address.

Merchant e-Solutions

Credit card verification – PRIVO retains the last four digits of the credit card

Two Hat Security

Moderation for display names created by the user when signing up for a PRIVO ID to prevent the disclosure of personal information.


Email service provider for communications with PRIVO ID end users.


Mailchimp is used to support PRIVO ID customers to manage email addresses contact details.


Used to manage Customer support, marketing, and sales.


Identity verification in conjunction with verified accounts.

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