Kid and adult initiated registration are available, offering tiered account creation at the age, role and feature level. Delivering a customized privacy by design approach to age appropriate interaction to know your customer, while adhering to data minimization that results in reduced risk of privacy exposure.

The first time a user visits your online property and goes to register, they will be directed through your service specific registration process based on the minimum requirements defined and configured. As users may want to activate specific features and requests, they move from a shadow account to a starter or lite account, up to a full account registration and account linking based on the permission obtained.

Smart Age & Role Gate

Smart Age & Role "Gate" 

Your users personalized engagement starts here. 

PRIVO can identify your users with a combination of age and role based tools to properly categorize the compliant registration flow.

Looking to keep kids under a certain age out? If your answer is YES, then it's time to smarten up your age gate with PRIVO. Read more by clicking here.

Shadow Accounts

Shadow Accounts

Offering a privacy enhanced account, allowing for the separation of sensitive and personal data collection in use, without requiring user interaction.

User Consent

Just-in-Time Consent

Users should be able to "play now".

Incrementally, as your users expand their interaction, you can offer and manage the consent experience, what we like to call just-in-time consent. This capability enables you to align the users consent experience with registration as needed.

Private and Safe Display Names for Children

Kid Safe & Privacy Enhanced Display Names

PRIVO uses powerful filters and content moderation software to ensure your users are not publicly displaying inappropriate, sensitive or personal information in their online presence.

Platform Overview

Our COPPA & GDPR compliant all-in-one platform enables companies to drive a better digital strategy to safely and legally engage with kids, streamlining the connection and permission process with the parent.

  • Validate minor identity
  • Allow or block engagement
  • Obtain custodial consent where needed.
  • Build and manage lifelong customers
  • Save time and money
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