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Privacy Tech

PRIVO’s specialized suite of cloud-based solutions and services were engineered specifically to address minors online.

PRIVO solutions address the entire spectrum of age, identity and privacy needs for companies whose business objectives involve engaging directly or indirectly with minors, offering stand-alone micro services, but the real magic happens when the services are used together.

Smart Age & Role Gate™ 

Authentic engagement starts here. 

PRIVO supports you to adhere to process and to know your audience with a combination of age and role-based tools to ensure a compliant registration flow. PRIVO's Smart Age Gate can replace or enhance your current age gate. Gates break and can be unintentionally left wide open. Don't get caught with a broken gate.

Looking to restrict or block minors under a certain age? 

Most digital age gates start with an assertion.  Under global law those gates can be initially relied upon as a first line of defense. 

PRIVO's Smart Age Gate prevents children and parents on behalf of children, from changing the asserted age to bypass and access features and content that is either inappropriate, age restricted and/or which require parental consent

  • Once configured to the required minimum age or age range, the gate will remember each user's initial entry into an app or browser and will not allow indiscriminate changes to the user's age.

  • The gate service will age up the user in real time to ensure appropriate access based on the original asserted age.

  • The gate can be used with dispute resolution, allowing a user  who entered the wrong date of birth to make corrections.

  • The gate service can be used to initiate a consent flow for the individual or from the authorizing parent or guardian, as required.

  • Coming soon: The gate will listen to actual notice of child’s age provided by parents and entities authorized to protect and share the user’s true age.

Read more about why you need to smarten up your age gate by clicking here.


Age Verification  

PRIVO's verification widget is offered stand alone or embedded into the PRIVO iD Platform . You can invoke the PRIVO verification widget with a simple JavaScript API call. The widget can be called from a mobile web browser that runs inside the native app.

Methods Available
Multiple online and offline methods are available (e.g., credit card, last 4 digital of your social security number, driver's license, print form, phone, etc.) making parental verification easy, convenient, and scalable, reducing the negative impact on your conversion rate. Your requirements determine which methods display to your users.

PRIVO is authorized to approve new identity and consent mechanisms that can be relied upon for COPPA compliance. Work with us to design your own method.

Jurisdiction Aware
When invoking the verification widget, the Jurisdiction of the user is defined and locale language and verification methods are presented.

Verification Complete
Upon successful verification the partner service receives a verify-complete event notice containing the verification details in JSON format.

Already Verified PRIVO iD Accounts
Users that already have an existing adult verified can authenticate to the widget saving them time & effort.

Smart Widget
Once authenticated, the widget knows if the user needs to ‘upgrade’ their verification level.

Secure Handling
Data used within the widget is securely handled during the entire verification process.

* ALL DATA is EXTINGUISHED upon verification completion. Users can SAVE THEIR OUTCOME for future use. 

Account Creation 

Kid and adult initiated registration are available, offering tiered account creation at the age, role and feature level. Delivering a customized privacy by design approach to age-appropriate interaction to know your customer, while adhering to data minimization that results in reduced risk of privacy exposure.

Kid Safe & Privacy Enhanced Display Names
PRIVO uses powerful filters and content moderation software to ensure your users are not publicly displaying inappropriate, sensitive or personal information in their online presence.

Shadow Accounts
Offering a privacy enhanced account, allowing for the separation of sensitive and personal data collection in use, without requiring user interaction.


Parental Consent 

PRIVO offers just-in-time consent, providing a framework with various methods for age assurance and identity verification on a sliding scale.

PRIVO's consent services include Notice & Opt-Out, Notice & Opt-In, Email Plus, and Verifiable Parental Consent with ID proofing.



Sliding Scale Risk Based Approach

PRIVO lets you assign the level of consent on a feature-by-feature basis. Features are defined as the “things” a user can do on a given service, website or application (e.g., save game status, community features,  wish lists, upload & sharing videos, etc).

Incrementally, as your users expand their interaction, you can offer and manage the consent needed.  Some features require a much higher level of consent then others do.

As users may want to activate specific features and requests, they can move from a basic account, up to a full account registration and account linking based on the permission obtained, helping minimize drop off .

PRIVO works with you to determine what features should be presented and at what consent level.


Family Friendly Single Sign On

The PRIVO iD is an online federated identity aimed for kids, families and schools that can be used by approved online service providers.

Single sign-on allows your users to sign on just once with their PRIVO iD, in a convenient and age-appropriate manner, eliminating the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.  

The process is simple: parents and educators will have their identity and role verified once, and then through PRIVO be able to pre-consent and provide just-in-time permission to manage their kids’ access to approved online services in the PRIVO iD Network, in a safe and privacy enhanced environment. 

PRIVO iD SSO presents a user as a unique identity to each online service prohibiting the ability to correlate accounts across multiple services.


Family Consent Management Portal

Providing a family permission management dashboard where parents can manage consent for their child(ren) in one place for an entire property, specific feature or activity.

  • White-label parent dashboard and account management functionality

  • Allow parents to manage more than 1 child

  • Ability to pre-approve and approve their children in one place

  • Message center

  • Loyalty and award program opportunities


Enterprise ready. Innovation driven.

PRIVO’s configurable, secure, and reliable technology meets the complex requirements and needs organizations face when engaging with or blocking minors. PRIVO maintains a comprehensive set of compliance certifications, standards, and attestations to validate being the leader in children’s online privacy and identity solutions.

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