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PRIVO's Children's Digital Privacy Summit
January 24, 2024
Los Angeles, CA

One-day intensive, deep dive into new and existing online privacy regulations protecting children and teens, exploring the pillars of the age verification marketplace, and getting consent management right.

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Data Privacy Week 2024
Data Privacy Week 2024
January 21-27, 2024

You have the power to take charge of your data. 
Privacy Week is an international effort to empower individuals and business to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust.

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Minors' Online Privacy, Safety Legislation, and Fields of Engagement Updates

October 18, 2023
Virtual Fall Forum
PRIVO and special guests discussed the current state of proposed and recent court rulings on children’s data privacy and safety regulations to better protect children online. Other topics covered data ethics and the debate around age verification.

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5th Annual Data Privacy Conference USA
September 19, 2023, Washington DC
 PRIVO's CEO, Denise G. Tayloe will be speaking on the Protecting Children’s Privacy and Online Safety panel. 
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Current and Future State of Data Privacy: Spotlight on Minors in 2023 

To celebrate Data Privacy Week 2023, PRIVO and special guests discussed the current and future state of children’s data privacy and safety and what to expect in 2023 as online privacy protections for children are strengthened globally.

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Get Ready for the California AADCA 
What you need to know
Join us for this round table discussion on California's new Age-Appropriate Design Code Act (AADCA)In the world of children’s privacy the AADCA is expected to have a global impact. Modeled on the UK’s Children ‘s Code it requires privacy by design in all online services for children or that attract a large child audience.

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Connected Healthcare

Connected Healthcare: Addressing Minors’ Access and Their Privacy Rights

This webinar will capture and discuss the high-level use cases, current and evolving legal and regulatory bounds, and key challenges in the remote identity management and privacy protection of minors in connected healthcare contexts.

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Addressing Minors’ Access and Their Privacy Rights
This webinar captures the high-level use cases, current and evolving legal and regulatory bounds, and key challenges in the remote identity management and privacy protection of minors.

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Digital Identity in the Metaverse:
Addressing Kids and Teens

PRIVO celebrated Identity Management Day 2022 with an in depth discussion on why identity is important in the metaverse and what will it mean to “get minors identity right” in this new virtual environment.


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Current and Future State of Data Privacy: Spotlight on Children & Teens in 2022

To celebrate Data Privacy Week 2022, special guest Duncan McCann, Head of Accountability with 5Rights Foundation joined PRIVO’s CEO, Denise G. Tayloe and Chief Privacy Officer, Claire Quinn to discuss the current state of data privacy as it pertains to children and teens and what to expect in 2022.


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Unique Challenges with Apps, Wearables, and Remote Monitoring for Children

This Stanford Children's Hospital  Innovation Showcase Session, Denise G. Tayloe joins the panel to provide expert advice on Children's Privacy current challenges. 

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Data Privacy in an Era of Change
To mark Data Privacy Day on January 28, 2021, PRIVO hosted a multi-panel event to put the spotlight on children and teen privacy. These sessions highlight the changing privacy and safety landscape.

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Working Compliantly with Third Parties
In this webinar, hear from a panel of third party service providers and experts that support monetization, privacy and safety. Learn how third-party partners operate and what information they can access from your users.

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Digital Fireside Chat: COPPA and the Changing Regulatory Landscape
In this fireside chat, we discuss the changing regulatory landscape, including the EU GDPR and the coming CCPA, in the context of COPPA and the impact on child and student digital privacy.

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You may be COPPA compliant, but there is a big assumption that if you are COPPA compliant, you are ready for the GDPR. Think again. You may be part way there, and it's a good basis, but there is still some significant work to do. In this webinar, we will highlight the key differences and talk about the GDPR and how it relates to minors.

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Learn how to drive engagement, retention, and revenue in a privacy-enhanced, compliant, and sustainable way. Join Two Hat Security and Claire Quinn, our VP of Compliance at PRIVO.

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CIAM for Children: Family Identity and Consent Management
Whether you are blocking engagement or inviting them in, the age attribute in identity systems may trigger the need for transparent age-appropriate notices, minor and adult identity and relationship verification, and granular consent management.

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