Identity Verification & Age Assurance

PRIVO's verification widget is offered stand alone or embedded into PRIVO's identity suite. You can invoke the PRIVO verification widget with a simple JavaScript API call. The widget can be called from a mobile web browser that runs inside the native app.

Easy Methods of Parental Identity Verification

Methods Available

Multiple online and offline methods are available (e.g., credit card, last 4 digital of your social security number, driver's license, print form, phone, etc.) making parental verification easy, convenient, and scalable, reducing the negative impact on your conversion rate. Your requirements determine which methods display to your users.

PRIVO is authorized to sanction new identity and consent mechanisms that can be relied upon for COPPA  compliance. Work with us to design your own method.

Jurisdiction Aware

Jurisdiction Aware

When invoking the verification widget, the Jurisdiction of the user is defined and locale language and verification methods are presented.

PRIVO Verification

Verification Complete

Upon successful verification the partner service receives a verify-complete event notice containing the verification details in JSON format.

PRIVO iD Verified Accounts

Already Verified PRIVO iD Accounts

Users that already have an existing adult verified can authenticate to the widget saving them time & effort.

Verified PRIVO iD

Smart Widget

Once authenticated, the widget knows if the user needs to ‘upgrade’ their verification level.

Secured Data

Secure Handling

Data used within the widget is securely handled during the entire verification process.

* ALL DATA is EXTINGUISHED upon verification completion. Users can SAVE THEIR OUTCOME for future use. 

Platform Overview

Our COPPA & GDPR compliant all-in-one platform enables companies to drive a better digital strategy to safely and legally engage with kids, streamlining the connection and permission process with the parent.

  • Validate minor identity
  • Allow or block engagement
  • Obtain custodial consent where needed.
  • Build and manage lifelong customers
  • Save time and money
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