Parental Consent

Gaining verifiable parental consent is a burden many face when having to comply with COPPA and the GDPR. PRIVO offers just-in-time consent, providing a framework with various methods for identity verification on a sliding scale.

PRIVO level of consent for COPPA

COPPA Sliding Scale of Consent

PRIVO lets you assign the level of consent on a feature by feature basis. PRIVO's consent services include Notice & Opt-Out, Notice & Opt-In, Double Opt-In and Full Verification with various mechanisms at each level. Work with one of PRIVO's experts to align the capabilities with your needs.

Platform Overview

Our COPPA & GDPR compliant all-in-one platform enables companies to drive a better digital strategy to safely and legally engage with kids, streamlining the connection and permission process with the parent.

  • Validate minor identity
  • Allow or block engagement
  • Obtain custodial consent where needed.
  • Build and manage lifelong customers
  • Save time and money
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