Verification Data Usage


PRIVO® has developed a privacy-enhanced identity verification widget in order to process your identity verification.  In some cases, approval or consent can be combined in conjunction with your successful identity verification.  Be sure to read the individual privacy policies of the service, app or website presenting you with the verification widget.  We offer several options to obtain verifiable identification.  You can verify the required information that you provide by using one of our FREE and SECURE methods of verification.

How is the data I provide used for verification?

All data provided is used for verification purposes only.  Each method requires its own unique set of information.  All information presented is required in order to successfully pass identity verification.  In some instances, a customer service representative may be required to contact you for further verification.  Data provided during verification is stored securely against the transaction record and is not used for any other purpose by PRIVO without your explicit consent.

By clicking the “Verify” button from the data collection screen, you are agreeing to allow PRIVO to confirm the accuracy of the information you submitted against your government-issued ID and/or through our trusted third-party verification vendors or customer service agents.  You can find out more about these third parties here:

Can I save my verification outcome status?

By creating a PRIVO iD, users who come through the verification widget can save their verification status.  There are many ways to create a PRIVO iD and one of them is by adding a password from within the verification widget itself.  By adding a password to the email address utilized within the widget during your verification, you can use this verification outcome for future use without having to repeat the process again.

What data is or may be collected?

  • Your first and last name will be used as matching data points in order to verify your identity.
  • Your birth date is required to help determine if you are an adult or if you are a person under adult age.
  • Your birth date and/or address may be required as one of the data points used to “match against” for verification purposes, depending upon which of the free and secure verification methods you select for providing consent.
  • Your email address is used as an identifier in conjunction with other transaction related identifiers in order to maintain transaction records. Your email address will may also be used to facilitate the creation of your free PRIVO iD account if one is created from the verification widget, used in order to save your verification status.  Your email address in conjunction with a password you create, will be used as your login credentials to access your PRIVO iD account features.  Your email address can be used to reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Credit Card Verification:

This method utilizes the information as it is provided to the credit agency in which the card is associated with. 

In order to safe guard that your credit card is being presented by you, the legal card holder, your credit card will be TEMPORARILY charged a nominal $1.00 fee, processed by the credit card gateway through your individual bank, and then credited back to your account, unless otherwise stated on the form by the service in which you completing this process for.  Some services will retain this dollar but not unless it is clearly stated on the actual form that you are submitting your data to. The $1.00 charge will be processed immediately, but the credit may not appear on your statement until the NEXT BILLING CYCLE.  All information is secure.  The last four digits of your credit card will be retained for customer service purposes only.

NOTE: Some banking institutions will not allow an online $1.00 transaction. If you experience difficulties, please choose another verification method.

Partial Social Security Number (SSN) Verification:

You will be required to provide the last four digits of your SSN to validate that you are an adult.  This information is stored in a secure format.  This method uses your full legal name, birth date, city, state and zip code to match against. You MUST supply your legal name for this method to work.

NOTE: This method may not work if you are under 18, do not live in the U.S., or have recently changed or updated your personal information, such as just getting married.

Driver’s License/Gov’t Issued ID Verification:

Please be sure that your home address and birth date are correct and that your name matches the exact name on your ID in order to complete this form of verification.

NOTE: This method may not work if you are under 18, do not live in the U.S., or have recently changed or updated your personal information.  The driver license number is stored in a secure format.

Connect With PayPal Verification:

This method allows users to use their existing PayPal credentials to securely authenticate through the Connect with PayPal authentication service.  Upon successful authentication the PRIVO service will consume the user's first name, last name and email address from the PayPal response.  Only the email address will be securely stored against the transaction record.  The first and last name will only be temporarily used for communication purposes with the user and then properly and promptly discarded.  Your first and last name are not stored or used for any other purpose.

Phone Verification (offline):

You will be required to contact our customer service center to leave your voice recording along with the requested information for this method to work.  In some cases, a live representative may assist you with the request.  Your phone number will be required in case we need to contact you for further verification.

Print Form Verification (offline):

You will be required to print, sign and return a completed print form for this method to work.  The information on the form is used to verify against with our 3rd party vendors in order to qualify the form.  The form MUST be signed or it will not be processed.  The form can be returned by mail, fax or email to the customer service center. It may take up to 48 hours to be processed.