Digital Identity in the Metaverse: Addressing Kids and Teens

Get minors identity right in this new virtual environment


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Why is identity important in the metaverse?
What will it mean to "get minors identity right" in this new virtual environment?

In spite of its relative maturity, the digital world continues to be fraught with identity risk for children. The evolution of the metaverse will accelerate those risks exponentially, especially for children and teens, who bring unique vulnerabilities and challenges regarding identity and authentication. 

The planning and design for compelling enrichment and entertainment opportunities in these evolving virtual environments must consider  minors’ safety and privacy as fundamental. This means delivering accurate age assurance, streamlined and authentic parental consent, and enabling privacy enhanced, interoperable digital identity credentials; effectively a digital passport that children can use across compliant environments to better protect them from online harms.

Starting now, stakeholders in the metaverse have the equivalent of a blank new slate for “getting it right” for minors.

In this webinar, we address some of the most pressing concerns: 

  • What does digital identity in the metaverse mean for children as the lines between physical and digital are blurred and sometimes even overlaid? 

  • How can children engage authentically online and in the metaverse without feeling pressured to lie about their age to gain access? 

  • Methods of verification, including AI, are rapidly developing. For minors, do these methods bring more risk and potential harm than benefit?  

  • What is coming in terms of regulatory developments and how will these impact engagement with children? 



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