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Compliant engagement starts with
PRIVO’s new Smart Age Gate.
Restrict or block digital access
 to age-restricted products and online services.

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Kids Privacy Assured

Demonstrate your commitment to children's online privacy and safety standards. PRIVO's expert team will help you navigate regulatory roadblocks with our seamless and all-encompassing compliance programs

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What We Do

Protect minors. Reduce brand risk. Build privacy preserving digital futures.

PRIVO delivers enterprise technology and expertise to companies to meet their unique business objectives while adhering to complex and expanding minors’ digital privacy and safety regulations. PRIVO's Kids Privacy Assured program and full suite of configurable tools enable companies to seamlessly engage with - or block access to - minors.

PRIVO has been an FTC-approved COPPA Safe Harbor since 2004, trusted by leading family brands. 

Configure PRIVO to:
  • Know when minors are present
  • Validate minors age and identity
  • Allow or block minors
  • Capture custodian relationship to minor
  • Obtain consent from custodians and/or minors
  • Activate & nurture lifelong relationships
  • Authenticate users across channels and devices
  • Capture, protect and update records
Trusted by leading brands
Leaders in Children’s Online Privacy, Age Assurance & Consent Management

Kids should not have to risk their privacy and safety to engage in digital play and online learning. PRIVO’s specialized suite of cloud-based solutions and expert services were engineered specifically to address minors online. Each service is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when used together.  

Why PRIVO? Trust is everything.

PRIVO iD symbol
PRIVO iD Platform
Regulatory driven technology platform enabling brands to deliver a compliant experience to young consumers and their families across international jurisdictions and geographies.

Popular Features
  • Age Assurance
  • Identity Verification
  • Verifiable Parental Consent
  • Single Sign On for Kids
  • Family Account Management
  • Smart Age Gate
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Kids Privacy Assured Shield
Kids Privacy Assured
Privacy compliance and certification made simple. PRIVO helps you understand and meet federal and international data regulations while supporting you to achieve your business goals.

Comply with
  • GDPR
  • UK & US Children’s Codes
  • Student Digital Privacy
  • Relevant State Laws
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Fostering lifelong customers begins with security & privacy as a priority

Our brand is built upon trust, and our customers count on us to uphold that promise. Nothing is more important than the reliability and security of our services. PRIVO maintains a comprehensive set of compliance certifications, standards, and attestations to validate being the leader in children’s online privacy and identity solutions.

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What Our Clients Say
Working with PRIVO was an excellent experience for our team at CodeMonkey. The team is very professional. They reviewed our sites thoroughly and ensured they understood every aspect to request the necessary changes. Their commitment to excellence was evident in the well-organized and detailed information they provided. We had several meetings to review their findings and discuss various approaches until we at CodeMonkey felt comfortable implementing the changes. The process for receiving the COPPA certification was positive, and I am sure their guidance for future development will also be very productive.

Content Developer & Pedagogy Manager


PRIVO has been an excellent partner for us at CCA&B, The Elf on the Shelf. At The Elf on the Shelf, at our core we are a family-oriented brand, and we take the responsibility of protecting children very seriously, and PRIVO has been a trusted partner for us as we ensure that every web and app experience we produce is in accordance to COPPA standards. I have found the folks at PRIVO to be highly communicative and engaged – I can always count on them to give me solid advice on the issues that matter the most to us."

Director of Digital Marketing

The Elf on the Shelf®

Working with the team from PRIVO was easy and everything was communicated clearly and the responses were quick. The process was easy to follow and all the requirements needed to get the Safe Harbor certification were explained thoroughly.

Niklas Nygren, Producer

Nitro Games Oyj

In my role as Project Manager for NASA's Optimus Prime Video Spinoff Contest, I have utilized PRIVO since 2009 to ensure that NASA is in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), when interacting with children under the age of 13. The expert consultation provided by PRIVO, along with their ability to provide third-party party hosted identity verification and consent services, is an unequivocally critical resource required to stand up this national contest each year.

Chief, Strategic Partnerships Office

Innovative Partnerships Program Office NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

We’re proud to be a member of PRIVO’s GDPRkids™ privacy assured program and one of the first kids platforms awarded their prestigious trustmark; it’s hugely important to us as a kids entertainment destination to reassure parents of our safety credentials.

Head of Data & Analytics

Beano (D.C.Thomson & Co., Ltd.)

We chose to work with Privo on the COPPA Safe Harbor Program and we had a fantastic experience. The team is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and accessible - making it feel like a supportive partnership effort from start to finish.

Knit Inc.

One thing I've really appreciated is the speed with which the team gets back to us when we have questions. They are responsive and knowledgeable which gives me great confidence in the work we are doing together.

Chief Technology Officer

MARIO Framework

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