Current and Future State of Data Privacy: Spotlight on Minors in 2023

Virtual | January 26, 2023 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (ET)


Event Overview

Current and Future State of Data Privacy: Spotlight on Minors in 2023 

To celebrate Data Privacy Week 2023, PRIVO and special guests discussed the current and future state of children’s data privacy and safety and what to expect in 2023 as online privacy protections for children are strengthened globally.

The US has seen unprecedented moves to strengthen protections for young children and teens with the California’s Age-Appropriate Design Code Act due to come into force next year and federal bills such as COPPA v2.0, KOSA and the America Data Privacy Protection Act in the pipeline. Every online service from metaverses to games to ad campaigns will need to comply and manage risks not just for children 12 or under but for teenagers for the first time. This increases liability for companies and their brands. Whether your service lets children in or needs to block them compliantly, this session will help you focus on what matters in 2023.

Topics covered:

  • Current regulations (COPPA, GDPR & UK Children's Code)

  • Recent regulations passed (California Age Appropriate Design Code Act)

  • Proposed legislation (e.g., KOSA, COPPA 2.0)

  • Age assurance & verification and digital identity



Manmeet Dhindsa
Attorney, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection
Federal Trade Commission


David N. Patariu
 Attorney and Privacy Law Specialist (PLS); CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPM; (ISC)² CCSP, CISSP


Jamie Susskind
Tech Policy Advisor, U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)
United States Senate


Denise G. Tayloe,
Co-Founder & CEO


Claire Quinn,
Chief Privacy Officer, CIPP/e

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