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In 2001 Denise co-founded Privacy Vaults Online, Inc. (PRIVO) and kicked off her mission to make the internet a safer place for kids online. Inspired by the opportunities and challenges of implementing the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Denise became a recognized leader and authority in permission and identity management.
Being a subject matter expert, Denise has been an invited speaker on the subject at conferences regarding identity and children’s privacy issues across the globe, and has been published in numerous publications.
Denise was a senior auditing consultant with Arthur Andersen for small business and developing tech companies. She completed her CPA after graduating Magna Cum Laude from George Mason University with a degree in Accounting and Finance.
Denise has more than 20 years of experience in sales, finance, and business development. Her expertise truly shows in her development of companies providing business and technology related services.
Children’s online privacy has grown with the internet - today we live in a connected world! Student Digital Privacy regulations, the GDPR, the CCPA and increased digital awareness have made online privacy take off and Denise is proud to be a part of making online services safer for kids around the world.


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CIAM for Children: Family Identity and Consent Management

In this webinar, Denise provides a game plan including the rules of engagement, so your organization can be a winner with the largest upcoming user base in the world- kids! Watch the webinar on-demand here.

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Time to Smarten Up Your Age Gate

In this blog, Denise challenges the concept of “restricting access” and why brands can benefit by using an age gate hosted by a third party.  Read here.

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Just in Time Consent: It's time to ditch the all or nothing approach

Listen to Denise as she was asked about getting parenal consent at the Digital Identity Summit. Click here.

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Children Today: “Datafied” from Before Birth

Read the article Denise published on the Medium. The consequences of the datafication of children have yet to be seen but...  Read more.

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