Get Ready for the California AADCA 
What you need to know 




Wednesday, November 2, 2022 | 1:00 pm (ET) | 10:00 am (PT)

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Get Ready for the AADCA - What you need to know

Join us for this round table discussion on California's new Age-Appropriate Design Code Act (AADCA). In the world of children’s privacy the AADCA is expected to have a global impact. Modeled on the UK’s Children ‘s Code it requires privacy by design in all online services for children or that attract a large child audience, children being users under 18 years old.

Sites, apps, platforms, metaverses, and connected devices will all need to comply by July 1, 2024This may sound a long time off but actually it is a relatively short window in terms of the fundamental changes some services will need to make to comply or face significant fines of up to $7,500 per affected child. 

This round table will explore the key requirements of the Code, how it will impact online services, and how it compares with the UK Children’s Code.

Join our panel of experts for a discussion that will help your organization get in shape in time.




Jolina Cuaresma,
Senior Counsel, Privacy & Tech Policy,
Common Sense Media


Nichole Rocha,
Head of US Affairs,
5Rights Foundation


Ruth Boardman,
Co-heads Global Data Protection and Privacy Practice,
Partner Bird & Bird



Claire Quinn,
CIPP/e, Chief Privacy Officer,

Work with PRIVO to comply with both the California and UK Age-Appropriate Design Codes.

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