Webinar: Working Compliantly with 3rd Parties


The illegal tracking of children in apps and on sites is increasingly hitting the headlines. Violations related to advertising and tracking by third party SDKs and service providers spark fears for industry and parents alike. Is it possible to protect the brand, meet business needs and stay compliant with COPPA in the US and the EU's GDPR when it comes to the children’s space?

In this webinar, hear from a panel of third party service providers and experts that support monetization, privacy and safety. Learn how third-party partners operate and what information they can access from your users.


  • Advertising
  • Managing your SDKs
  • Chat filters and moderation software
  • What information are your third-party partners collecting from children, do you have the full picture?


  • Claire Quinn, PRIVO
  • Eldad Ben Tora, KIDOZ
  • Carlos Figueiredo, Two Hat Security
  • Omri Weinberg, SafeDK