A “Do Not Engage” age verification registry and discovery engine: subscribed to by age-restricted and regulated enterprises, products and services like tobacco products, advertising services, social networks, alcohol, gambling and pornography sites/apps.

Need to keep minors out?

PRIVO-Vault will allow parents to manage their children’s access to age restricted products and services whether the age restriction is company imposed through terms of use, parent restricted by overriding a company’s terms of use, or imposed through regulatory requirements.

The Vault will act as an agent on behalf of the parent and child subscriber to notify companies of the age associated with, at minimum, the child’s registered device(s) as well as other personally identifiable information (PII) like email address or phone number.

How it Works

Participating age restricted websites/apps and other online services (in a self-regulating mode) would agree to “ping” each registration attempt against PRIVO-Vault. The registry analyzes in real time each attempted registration and cross-references for matches against the various fields in the database. When an “at risk registration” is identified by the registry, the registry returns to the participating online service the limited information necessary to make a informed business decision.

The participating online service would use that information to invoke its terms of use and its regulatory requirements to block or invoke a permission process (i.e., COPPA requires parental consent for U13 participation).

If permissioning the minor is made available, the online service would temporarily suspend the registration and notify PRIVO-Vault. The Vault would then alert the parent and provide at least two choices:

  1. The parent can agree to the registration and provide parental consent through the PRIVO iD platform.

  2. The parent can block the attempted registration and the participating service denies the registrant access.

Want to Join our Pilot?

Whether you are an interested parent wanting to register your child's device(s) or a company wanting to participate we would like to hear from you.
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Allows the parent to provide actual knowledge of their child’s age so that subscribing and non-subscribing companies can be held accountable and mitigate the risk associated with rampant age falsification.

Permits advertising networks to deliver age appropriate ads within the confines of social pressure and applicable regulations and laws.

Enables a scrubbing mechanism to age restricted companies, thereby reducing inappropriate delivery of content and marketing materials.

Interoperate with 3rdparty automated moderation services by temporarily releasing a bundle of registered PII for real time filtering and suppression allowing children to access open online communities and multi-player games.