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The PRIVO-Cert™ Safe Harbor Certification Program is approved by the Federal Trade Commission as an authorized safe harbor under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA). * In addition to yearly audits, PRIVO® conducts monitoring on a regular basis.

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PRIVO® is an independent, third party provider of youth registration and parental permission management tools, who strives to help make the Internet a safer place for kids. As an FTC approved safe harbor provider under COPPA, the PRIVO-Cert™ Safe Harbor Program membership ensures that its clients’ online youth marketing initiatives comply with federal privacy laws. In order to be a member of the PRIVO-Cert™ Safe Harbor Certification Program, companies must meet definitive standards to assure that they are fully compliant with COPPA. Such standards must be strictly adhered to in order to ensure safe and responsible online interaction between websites and children under the age of 13.

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